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Travel Insurance in Toronto

Travel Insurance

Cross off that place from your bucket list with ease of mind. Get all inclusive travel insurance with emergency medical coverage. Travel insurance in Toronto and Canada, and Super Visa.

Simple Travel Insurance

Travel Packages
Coverage for the widest range of unexpected travel situations.
Travel Medical
Coverage to fill the gap left by my provincial health insurance.
Trip Cancellation
Coverage for non-refundable trip expenses if my trip is cancelled or interrupted.

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Why get Travel Insurance?

Taking a trip is all about planning and preparation – but too often, plans can unexpectedly change. The best way to protect your trip is to purchase insurance.
Get reimbursed for trip cancellations, interruptions and delays.
Emergency medical expenses paid for during travel.
Coverage for stolen or lost baggage.
Especially important if you have a pre existing medical condition.

When is it good to have travel insurance?

If you are a frequent traveller.
If you are travelling with your family and have children.
If you have a pre existing medical condition.
If you are travelling to a destination you are not used to.

Did you know?

Most countries outside of Canada does not have free health care. If you are travelling abroad and get into a small accident as small as a knee sprain, an xray and medical expenses can set you back 5000$ or more. Why risk spending a large amount when you can be covered and safe with a travel insurance. Conquer any surprises that might occur during your travels.

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