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Property Management

Spending your precious time trying to rent out properties? We take the guesswork out of managing your property giving landlords peace of mind. Call us today for property management in Toronto and GTA.

What we do

We believe that owning a property should be hassle-free, our professional property management services can take all the stress out of your hands while generating profit from your real estate.

Finding Tenants

Tenant selection is very important when it comes to renting out properties. We have a detailed tenant selection process. This helps us find you reliable and trustworthy renters, who will take care of your property like their own.

Maintenance and Repairs

We make sure the property is maintained and is in attractive condition to our best efforts. We hire and supervise necessary repairs and alterations. This keeps the renters happy and in return turns profit for the landlord.

Rent Collections

After selecting the right tenant for your property we will also take care of collecting the payments. It is important to us that the tenants continue to sign their lease year after year, which is why we aim to provide a seamless experience for the tenants.

Marketing and Advertisements

With our diverse network we will market your property in various channels and make sure it is seen by potential renters.  Besides being in the front page of our website we will create various advertisements to reach all niche markets.


We maintain 100% transparency when providing you with bookkeeping, accounts and records; reflecting all rent revenues and expenditures.  To provide our clients with peace of mind we keep them in the loop by providing them consistent financial reports.

Full Time Support

Our support channel is open 7 days a week to ensure the tenant is happy, and landlord doesn't have to be bothered when an issue arises. This helps us retain quality tenants by providing them outstanding support throughout the year.

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Other great features that is included in our property management

Screening applicants by performing credit and criminal history checks.
Getting professional lease paper ready so landlord is protected.
Perform property viewings and showing unit to prospective tenants.
Placing ads in various websites and accepting calls from potential tenants.

About us

PSS Services is one of the top property management companies in Toronto. Our property management services are catered towards residential and luxury properties of all types including town houses, houses and condominiums. With over a decade of experience we help you establish gains and rental income from your investment property. We do all the heavy-lifting while you enjoy the profits without any headaches of managing rental properties.

Frequently asked questions

Why Should I use a property management company?

Property management companies take the heavy-lifting away from landlords by managing all tenant relations and responsibilities of up keeping a rental property. Some benefits of property using a property management company are

  • Easy tenant relations
  • Screening of potential tenants with larger resources such as credit checks, criminal record checks
  • Marketing to promote property in various rental channels
  • Market research to help gauge fair rent
  • Overseeing the maintenance and operation of an investment property

How will you market my property?

We will list your property in some of the high traffic websites where qualified tenants search for rentals. In addition to that we will list your property on our website and various social media channels. We have listing deals with MLS so your property can be seen by everyone in Toronto and the GTA area.

How will you maintain my property?

We have many of the top Toronto maintenance providers in our database that ranges from cleaners, painters, plumbers and other contractors. We initially inspect the property before its rented out to make sure it is in tip top condition. If any issue arises while tenant is in the property we offer over the clock support to connect them to any contractors to help fix the issue.

What differentiates PSS Services from others?

At PSS Services we pride ourselves in honesty, integrity and commitment. We will treat your property like our own and give it the utmost importance when it comes to renting, managing and operating the property. We also offer full transparency and our prices are unbeatable for the service we provide.

How will I recieve rent payments?

You will receive invoices every month along with reporting of all costs and maintenance fees. The rent will be deposited directly to your Canadian banks. You will never have to worry about late payments with our property management services.

Do you help buy and sell investment properties?

Along with our property management services we also offer real estate services to buy and sell properties. We have experienced real estate agents to advise you and help you buy or sell a property. 

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