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Life Insurance in Toronto

Life Insurance

Are you the main provider for your family? Provide financial security to your family should you die prematurely. Inquire us about Life Insurance in Toronto and Canada.

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Why is Life Insurance important?

In the event of your death, your life insurance will be paid out to your family, easing the financial burden that may be put on them without insurance. This is especially beneficial for families with young children, or a family in which the insured individual is the main provider.
It covers your financial commitments such as existing debts, student loans and mortgages.
Life insurance allows you and your family to maintain a comfortable lifestyle that is free of worry or the fear of being financially crippled.
It covers death-related and funeral expenses.
Life insurance can allow you to leave a family legacy or some money for charity.
Life insurance allows for tax-efficient estate planning.

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Importance of critical illness and disability insurance

Provides financial assistance in case diagnosed with critical illness or disability. 
Help pay your financial commitments while you recover.
Help with your medical expenses related to critical illness or disability.
Able to take time off to recover while still being compensated for lost income.

Did you know?

It is never too early to sign up for life or critical illness insurance. If marriage, kids, or buying a home is in your near future, you may want to consider it. Any time you introduce large financial responsibility or dependents into your life, life insurance will help those taking over your responsibility to pay them off, or give them a bit more security when they lose your financial assistance. Starting early is also a good idea, as younger people have cheap premiums.

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